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Our veterinary practice is a leader in natural, alternative medicine for your pet.
Holistic Medicine for Pets - Animal and Bird Medical Center Vet Clinic of Palm Harbor

A Holistic Approach To Your Pet’s Health.

Our Palm Harbor Veterinary practice has studied several holistic healing systems in addition to our advanced knowledge of traditional veterinary care

Dr. Murphy will take the time to recommend numerous complementary treatment options that can benefit your pet’s health and well-being without resulting to invasive procedures.

In-addition, our highly trained and professional vet staff will ensure that proper care is taken with your dog, cat, bird or other type of animal for any type of visit; whether it be a standard Wellness exam or otherwise.

Value of Holistic Medicine for Pets

All pets are individuals and respond in different ways to different types of treatment—and these days more and more pet owners are seeking alternative and complementary treatments as well as standard ones.

Dr. Murphy’s philosophy is that we always look for the treatment that is most effective, with the least side-effects for each pet. So we are happy to be able to provide such a wide variety of veterinary services that include holistic pet care options.

    When your puppy reaches six months of age, our vet strongly recommends spaying or neutering your pet.

    Spay and neuter not only reduces the unwanted animal population, but also supports your dog’s long term health by reducing the risk for certain cancers and chronic illnesses. Additionally, spay and neuter can help control unwanted behaviors in dogs, including some types of aggression.

    Dog grooming, including bathing and brushing, is an important part of at-home wellness dog care.

    If your dog has a long coat, frequent brushing will help prevent matted fur and tangles. If your pet is anxious about bathing or brushing, professional dog grooming services can help your dog relax and safely complete basic grooming tasks without risking your dog’s safety.

    Our veterinarian also recommends brushing your dog’s teeth at least once per week. Brushing your dog’s teeth will not only keep unpleasant doggy breath under control, but also help prevent gum disease, tooth loss and oral bacterial infections.

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    We are updating our Knowledge-base and will return soon with additional information regarding common pet diseases for your information.

    Holistic Pet Care Services

    • Acupuncture
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Homeopathy
    • Titer Alternative to Yearly Vaccines
    • Flower Essence Therapy
    • N.American / European Herbal Medicine
    • Oriental Chiropractic Therapy (tui na)
    • Reiki Therapy



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