Vet Care for
Your Dog

Your best friend will receive special care from the finest staff at our Palm Harbor Vet Clinic.

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Quality Health Care
for every stage of your dog's life.

When you bring your dog to our Animal Hospital and Veterinary Clinic in Palm Harbor, both you and they become members of our ABMC family.

Our highly trained and professional vet staff will ensure that proper care is taken with your dog for any type of visit; whether it be a standard Wellness exam or otherwise.


Routine Check-ups
and Canine Wellness Exams

From infancy to full-grown adult, your dog should receive the best veterinary medical care to ensure a long, happy, active and healthy life. 

As your dog grows, an Annual Wellness Exam is the best way to monitor his or her overall health. During this exam, we will check for the warning signs of illness and confirm vaccinations are up to date.

It is highly recommended to Spay or Neuter your dog; this is especially important at a young age so that your canine companion can enjoy a better quality of life without the worry of developing behavioral or disease-related issues directly related to being ‘in-tact’. 

Additionally, your dog should be routinely Vaccinated to prevent contracting infectious diseases commonly found in our Palm Harbor area, and those ‘imported’ by visiting tourists. 

Quality Veterinary Care for your puppy in Palm Harbor, FL – Animal & Bird Medical Center vet clinic
Quality Veterinary Care for your older dog in Palm Harbor, FL - Animal & Bird Medical Center vet clinic

Specialized Veterinary Care
to Support Long-Term Canine Health

When your dog enters his or her Golden years, they should receive a Pet Wellness Exam every Six(6) Months.

Dr. Murphy and his trained vet staff will monitor your dog for signs of illness and chronic health problems, such as Arthritis and Heart Disease. For some older pets, dietary supplements can help ease arthritis pain. Proactive intervention is the best way to keep your dog healthy and active.

Treating your older dog to on-going wellness visits can prevent unexpected tragedy and allow you to plan for any issues that may have been discovered during an exam. 

However, if a time comes when your dog suffers from a debilitating injury or becomes ravaged by disease, special care and action must be taken for your beloved dog to retain a high quality of life. 

Should surgery be necessary, rest-assured that our Palm Harbor vet clinic’s medical suite is state-of-the art and our highly-trained veterinary staff will take extra special care to ensure the best for you and your dog.

The More You Know..

When should I Spay or Neuter my dog?

When your puppy reaches six months of age,
our vet strongly recommends spaying or neutering your pet.

The minimum recommended age for Spay or Neuter Surgery is 8 Weeks.

Grooming your Dog.

Dog grooming, including bathing and brushing,
is an important part of at-home wellness dog care.

If your dog has a long coat, frequent brushing will help prevent matted fur and tangles. If your pet is anxious about bathing or brushing, professional dog grooming services can help your dog relax and safely complete basic grooming tasks without risking your dog’s safety.

Dr. Murphy also recommends brushing your dog’s teeth at least once per week. Brushing your dog’s teeth will not only keep unpleasant doggy breath under control, but also help prevent gum disease, tooth loss and oral bacterial infections.

Veterinary Dog Care Services

To learn more about our dog veterinary services and to schedule an appointment, call our palm harbor vet clinic today.