Vet Care for
Your Exotic Bird

Professional bird care from world-renowned Avian Veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy

Feathered friends are family too.

Exceptional Bird Care
by a leader in avian medicine.

At the Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor, our specialized avian veterinary team is proud to provide top-tier bird care.
From avian nutrition and breeding to preventive medicine and training, our Board Certified veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy, will help your exotic pet bird live a long, healthy and happy life.

Routine Check-ups keeps
your pet Birds Healthy and Active

One of the first veterinarians in the world to become Board Certified in Avian Veterinary Medicine, our bird care team is lead by renowned avian veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy.
To this extent, our Avian veterinary clinic in Palm Harbor provides comprehensive bird care including wellness exams, sick care, nutrition counseling and breeding assistance.

The bird care team can also perform tests for avian illnesses, including Chlamydiosis, which is transferrable to humans. A fecal sample test allows us to detect and treat parasites.

During the wellness visit, our avian veterinary team can make nutritional recommendations to ensure your bird receives a balanced diet. In general, we recommend a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a vitamin or mineral supplement.
Quality Veterinary Care for your exotic bird in Palm Harbor, FL - Animal & Bird Medical Center vet clinic
How to Care for Your Pet Bird Ebook - Animal and Bird Medical Center Vet Clinic of Palm Harbor

Specialized Veterinary Care
to Support Long-Term Canine Health

When your dog enters his or her Golden years, they should receive a Pet Wellness Exam every Six(6) Months.

Dr. Murphy and his trained vet staff will monitor your dog for signs of illness and chronic health problems, such as Arthritis and Heart Disease. For some older pets, dietary supplements can help ease arthritis pain. Proactive intervention is the best way to keep your dog healthy and active.

Treating your older dog to on-going wellness visits can prevent unexpected tragedy and allow you to plan for any issues that may have been discovered during an exam. 

However, if a time comes when your dog suffers from a debilitating injury or becomes ravaged by disease, special care and action must be taken for your beloved dog to retain a high quality of life. 

Should surgery be necessary, rest-assured that our Palm Harbor vet clinic’s medical suite is state-of-the art and our highly-trained veterinary staff will take extra special care to ensure the best for you and your dog.

The More You Know..

What are the Basics of a bird Wellness Exam?

During a wellness exam for your pet bird, Dr. Murphy will perform a physical exam, nail trim, and blood screening to check organ function and overall health.

If there is anything specific issue your bird is experiencing, we'll also check into that as well.

Did You Know?

Dr. Murphy is the Founder of the Murphy Exotic Bird Research Center.

His ongoing education, substantial experience studying and providing care for exotic birds, Dr. Murphy can help your exotic pet bird live a long, healthy and happy life by providing thoughtful avian nutrition and breeding guides along with preventive medicine and training plans.

Ever consider Adopting an Exotic Bird?

Pet & Exotic Bird Care Services

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