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Vaccinations for your pet is an important part of raising a healthy and happy fur-baby.

Many Pet Owners Ask:

Why do I need to Vaccinate my pet?

The answer to this question is very simple and is divided into two-parts:

Just like most humans on the planet, living things are susceptible to infections brought-on by routine daily interactions. Additionally, as we and our pets age, our bodies produce less of health-sustaining vitamins and minerals that keep us young and vibrant – adding supplements and virus-fighting antibodies to our systems help keep us and our family pets feeling happy and healthy.


Vaccinations for
Maintaining Good Health

The series of pet vaccinations are usually scheduled 3-4 weeks apart to narrow the gaps between protections and help ensure your pet’s health. 

Although most pets respond well to vaccines there are some risks of adverse reactions. The most common reactions, if any, are short-term mild fever, sluggishness, reduced appetite and slight swelling at the vaccination site.
Please contact our Palm Harbor Vet Clinic immediately if your animal experiences more serious reactions such as repeated vomiting, itching, swelling of the face and legs, diarrhea and difficulty breathing.
You should remember that while pet vaccines are not without risk, typically the risk is greater when your pet is not vaccinated against deadly diseases.
The Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor offers vaccinations for your small pets, as well as other services such as bird care, pet boarding, animal surgery and pet dermatology.

Vaccinations for
Preventing Disease

Animal vaccines are defined as health products that trigger protective immune responses in your pet’s body to fight off future infections and diseases.

They can lessen the severity of diseases and specific vaccines may prevent them. There are a variety of vaccines available for pets.

Our Palm Harbor veterinarian will examine your pet, analyze their environment and decide which vaccinations they will benefit from. There are many different factors to take into consideration when making a decision on what types of vaccines are best for your particular pet.

At our animal hospital our veterinarian and his veterinary staff will take into consideration where you live, if you travel with your pet, access to other animals and the general health of your pet before they design a pet vaccination program.

The More You Know..

What Types of Pet Vaccines Are There?

Vaccines for Pets are Separated into 2 Categories

Core” pet vaccinations are given to pets and animals that live in a Particular Geographic Area to combat against parasites and ‘bugs’ commonly known to be in the area – such as Canine Influenza which was particularly troublesome in the Palm Harbor area back in 2017.

By inoculating your pet from locally known diseases, your animal will be better suited to live a happy and healthy life with your and your family.

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Non-Core” pet vaccinations are given to pets and animals that have Unique Needs or Susceptibilities.

A great example of a Non-Core vaccination is for a pet or animal that has Sensitive Skin or Allergies.

By receiving the proper type of vaccination and treatment, your pet or animal will be on their way to enjoying a fun, normal, lifestyle.


Our Veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy, will recommend a vaccination schedule that he feels will suite your pets' General Health Needs.

Booster Vaccines

In our Palm Harbor Vet Clinic, we also provide Booster Vaccinations for your pets and animals.

When your pet or animal is Due for their Booster Vaccine, the staff at the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor will notify pet owners so you will be aware when it is time.

Please be sure to get your pet vaccinated to ensure they are Protected at All Times.


When taking advantage of our Pet Boarding Service your animal is required to be vaccinated and current on their vaccinations.