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Pet Boarding
& Cattery

Boarding your pet at an animal hospital is one of the best ways to ensure that your pet is in qualified hands and has access to top-notch veterinary care if anything happens while you are away.

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Turtles...

Ensuring Comfort,
Convenience and Quality Care.

Boarding your pet can be a stressful experience, but rest-assured that when your pet or animal stays with the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor, they will be very well-taken-care-of.

Many owners can’t travel with their pets because of the pet’s medical conditions or sensitivity to stress and change, and in this situation, it’s important to board your pet with a veterinarian who knows your pet and can give him or her the best possible care.

Traditional Pet Boarding
for Cats, Dogs and other Family Pets

The Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor provides Pet Boarding Services to Ensure Comfort, Convenience and Quality Care for your special loved one.

Each of our staff members loves animals and is happy to provide them with the compassionate care they need while you’re away.

Our Palm Harbor vet clinic offers an outdoor “Dog Run” where our skilled and loving veterinary staff will spend time exercising your pet in a fresh, clean environment. 

If you pet has special needs, it’s even better that they stay at an Animal Hospital so we can closely monitor their health and provide immediate emergency care should trouble arise.


Providing Quality
Exotic Bird Boarding

One of our distinctive features is that we offer bird boarding in additional to traditional pet boarding. Birds are particularly difficult to travel with, but not many pet sitters know how to adequately provide bird care or what signs of illness to watch for while you are away.
That’s why it’s important to board your bird with a veterinary clinic like ours with a trained professional on site. Veterinarian Dr. Joel Murphy has four years of specific education in bird care and is the founder of the Murphy Exotic Birds Research Center.
The More You Know..

Clean, Safe Facilities

Each pet in our vet clinic's boarding facility has its own safe, clean, and comfortable area to sleep, eat, rest, and play. As each member of our veterinary staff loves animals, they continuously stop-by to engage each pet in play activities during his or her stay – you can be sure your pet will receive the engagement and exercise he or she needs.

Keeping Connected

Another advantage of boarding at our Palm Harbor animal hospital is that we are happy to stay in touch with you about your pet’s health.

Particularly if your pet has special needs or is ill when you bring him or her in, we will closely monitor your pet’s health and be able to give you updates upon your return. We don’t want you to worry at all about whether your pet is handling his or her stay at our boarding facility well; our pet boarding services are designed to provide an ideal place for your pet to stay.

Providing Pet Boarding Services to Ensure Comfort, Convenience and Quality Care

Planning a Trip? Give us a Call..

Our extensive experience in animal care more than qualifies us to board your pets right here at the medical center that they receive their wellness care.

When you are scheduling to be out of town for the weekend, vacation or other event, scheduling an appointment for your pet to stay with us will ensure they will receive proper care and loving attention.


When taking advantage of our Pet Boarding Service your animal is required to be vaccinated and current on their vaccinations.