With hurricane season in full swing, you will want to be prepared well ahead of time in case of disaster or emergency evacuation. Being prepared for a nasty storm and thick evacuation traffic can save you hours of hassle in an already stressful situation.

Know Your Shelters

Certain evacuation shelters accept pets, while others do not. Check out the evacuation shelters near you and find out if you need to register your pets for acceptance ahead of time. An evacuation center that allows pets will require current vaccination records for each pet.

Stock up with Your Veterinarian in Palm Harbor

Your veterinarian in Palm Harbor can supply you with extra medications for your pet, including prescriptions, heartworm and flea prevention. You will also want to make sure you get your vaccination records printed while visiting the vet and pack them with your evacuation bag.

Travel Prep

Train your pet to happily reside in a carrier or crate by making it an enjoyable experience. Try providing extra special treats or bits of meat while your pet is in the carrier for a short amount of time to solidify in their minds that the carrier is a good and safe place to be and then slowly extend that time. Label your carrier/crate with your pet’s name, breed, sex, DOB, your address and phone number.

You will also want to take a week’s worth of food and water along with you for your pet (24oz of water for a 20lb dog and 8oz for a 10lb cat). Pack 2 simple slip leashes to lead your dog or restrain a cat in an emergency situation. A durable chew toy or two is also helpful for keeping your pet occupied.

Stay Calm

Your own behavior can heavily impact your pet, so try your best to remain calm and relaxed. Planning ahead for an emergency is a great way to relive some of the stress you might otherwise experience.

Do you have experience in evacuating during hurricane season? What tips can you offer pet owners planning ahead for an emergency evacuation?