Palm Harbor VetAdopting a Dog This October

October is the American Humane Society’s Adopt-a-Dog Month, which makes it the perfect time to expand your pet family if you have been considering adopting a dog. There are hundreds of dogs currently waiting for good homes in shelters near the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor. Our staff can help you find a pet that’s perfect for your home, your temperament, and your lifestyle.

Benefits of Pet Rescue

Pet rescue has many benefits for you and for your new pet. Rescue animals in shelters are often stressed, scared, and confused about where they are. These animals are often perfectly great pets, who are trained, healthy, and socialized. Yet the experience of being abandoned and ending up in the shelter can be traumatic for these pets. As a result, these animals often need extra love and attention.

If you give a shelter pet a chance, you will find a loyal animal with lots of love to share. Plus, you will feel good that you rescued an animal who needed a home instead of purchasing a puppy from a pet store. There are far more pets without homes than there are people looking to adopt. By adopting a shelter pet, you make space at the animal shelter so that one more pet has a shot at finding a forever home.

Questions to Ask Before Committing to Dog Adoption

To determine if you’re ready to adopt a dog, ask yourself these questions:

Our staff can help you decide whether you are ready to adopt a dog, or help you to find the perfect rescue pet for you. Many of our staff have adopted pets from local shelters and can personally guide you through this process.

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