Image: Seal pup Marine Mammal Center 2015

Pupping season has started early at The Marine Mammal Center on the coast of California. Just a few days into 2015, an abandoned harbor seal pup was found at The Biltmore, a Four Seasons Resort located on the beach in Santa Barbara. The fuzzy gray pup was just days old and couldn’t have survived without his mom. He weighed about 12 pounds when he was brought to the center for rehabilitation, and was named Yule in reference to the holiday season. He’s been tube-fed around the clock for the last three weeks because he’s so young. So far, Yule seems healthy and is getting stronger each day. He’s been enjoying the company of a large harbor seal stuffed animal that the staff put in his pen, since he’s the only seal at the facility right now. Yule faces a long road to recovery, but the center plans to release him when he’s ready. — Read it from The Marine Mammal Center