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There is virtually no other veterinary hospital like it anywhere in the area.

The doctors and staff at the Animal & Bird Medical Center in Palm Harbor give you and your pet the most tender loving care in one of the most state of the art hospitals in Florida.

Below are lists of Medical & Surgical procedures performed by our veterinary clinic, on your pet, should the need arise. 

Dogs, Cats & 'Traditional' Pets

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Holistic Veterinary Services

This healing system helps to harmonize scientific and metaphysic aspects of a pet’s health, particularly mental and emotional aspects to help anxious pets become calmer.
Ayurveda is a more than 6000-year-old “science-of-life” healthcare system developed in India. It has been popular in human alternative medicine, but has also been used for thousands of years on animals as well. It involves understanding your pet’s body type and composition and then applying the appropriate herbal, nutritional and lifestyle changes to alleviate health problems.
Chiropractic care for pets involves gentle pressure to realign the spine and overall musculoskeletal, ensuring healthy posture. This enables the nervous system to communicate properly with the rest of the body so it can direct healing resources appropriately. Good posture can also prevent both overuse and acute injures.

Primarily focusing on the body’s energy systems, distilled flower essences are then used to stimulate better health and energy levels.


Like fighting fire with fire, homeopathy uses tiny doses of natural substances that, in larger doses, could cause disease symptoms in order to stimulate the body’s natural defenses.
This light, hands-on energy massage can be used to complement many other therapies to help pets with both physical and emotional troubles.
Balance is the goal for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments in humans and pets, and these treatments are also millennia old. Imbalances in energy, heat and cold can show up in health problems; these can be remedied by changes in diet, activity and also acupressure.
Natural therapies are combined to emphasize disease prevention and promote the body’s self-healing abilities.

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