Pet Scoop: Nearly 27-Year-Old Cat Named World’s Oldest, Corgis Vulnerable in U.K.

At nearly 27 years old, Tiffany Two is named the World’s Oldest Cat, Corgis are listed as vulnerable in the U.K., veterinarians try to save a heroic Boxer and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Keepers Bottle Feed Rare Baby Giraffe, Dog Rescued From Freezing Lake

Keepers at the U.K.’s Paignton Zoo are hand raising a Rothschild’s giraffe calf, a dog is rescued from thin ice in northern Virginia, a penguin photobombs a Coast Guard picture and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Dog Saved From Los Angeles River Adopted, Uber Delivers Kittens in Australia

The dog who was lifted by helicopter from the Los Angeles River gets adopted, police officers in Fort Worth Texas save a stray dog from the highway, Uber delivers kittens on demand to several Australian cities and more animal news.


Rare Male Calico Kitten Gets a Home

A male calico kitten was adopted from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Sherman is a very special cat, because most calico cats are female.


Pet Scoop: Groundhog Bites Mayor’s Ear, Dog Recovers After Eating Owner’s Boots

Jimmy the Groundhog in Sun Prairie Wisconsin bites the mayor, Vince the dog recovers after eating his owner’s leather boots, a rare male calico kitten is adopted in California and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Puppy Bowl XI Highest Scoring in History, Burned Koala Returned to Wild

Puppy Bowl XI is the highest scoring in history, a custody battle ensues over Bart the Miracle Cat, an injured koala is returned to the wild and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Extremely Rare Fox Sighting in Yosemite, Terrier Adopts Orphaned Kittens

A rare Sierra Nevada red fox has been spotted in Yosemite National Park, a Boston Terrier named Memory nursed four orphaned kittens, a man finds his stolen dog in an online search for new a pet and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Bela the Dog Whose Life Was Saved Dies, Rare Tiger Cubs Emerge From Den

Bela the German Shepherd who was saved by Best Friends dies, a New York City firefighter saves a missing dog during the snowstorm, rare Sumatran tiger cubs emerge from their den at the Chester Zoo and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: NYPD Saves Injured Pup From Highway, Cinderella the Tiger Finds Love

Two NYPD officers save an injured puppy from a busy roadway, there may be a happy ending for Cinderella the rehabbed Amur tiger released in Russia, police K9 Sultan is killed in the line of duty in California and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Officer Rescues Kitten From Highway, Dog Alerts Sleeping Family to Fire

An Orlando sheriff’s deputy saves a kitten from a busy 3-lane highway, the “In Dog We Trust” rug brings in $9,650 for an animal rescue, a 2-year-old dog named Foxy is credited with saving her family from a fire and more animal news.

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