Palm Harbor Safe Pet Anesthesia

Modern Pet Anesthesia

For veterinary patients, an important part of any surgical procedure is the proper use of pet anesthesia. These drugs render us, and our animal friends, insensible to pain during the operation.  Unfortunately, harrowing tales of anesthetic mishaps are often used by pet owners as a reason to avoid surgery for their pet.  What are veterinarians doing to make sure your

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Palm Harbor Pet Dermatology

5 Best Treatments For Your Pet’s Allergies

Is your pet chewing his paws, scratching non-stop or sporting red eyes? There are many signs that your pet could have seasonal, environmental or food allergies. Pets can have as many allergies as humans can, but they often go undiagnosed. The symptoms can be incredibly irritating, causing sores, bald patches and ear infections. Diagnosing the Cause The first step we

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