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October is Adopt-a-Dog Month

Adopting a Dog This October October is the American Humane Society’s Adopt-a-Dog Month, which makes it the perfect time to expand your pet family if you have been considering adopting a dog. There are hundreds of dogs currently waiting for good homes in shelters near the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor. Our staff can help you find

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Are You and Your Pet Prepared for a Hurricane?

With hurricane season in full swing, you will want to be prepared well ahead of time in case of disaster or emergency evacuation. Being prepared for a nasty storm and thick evacuation traffic can save you hours of hassle in an already stressful situation. Know Your Shelters Certain evacuation shelters accept pets, while others do not. Check out the evacuation

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Pet Scoop: Former Military Dog Caught in Love Triangle, Cute Baby Colobus Monkey Born

Spike, a military dog turned police dog, is reunited with his Marine partner, an adorable Colobus monkey is born at the St. Louis Zoo, the Iditarod route is shifted due to a lack of snow and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Rescued Baby Orangutan Thrives, Hero Boxer Removed From Ventilator

A rescued baby orangutan named Budi thrives under intensive care, Carmen the hero Boxer is taken off the ventilator in Cincinnati, Sissy the dog finds her way to her hospitalized owner and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Nearly 27-Year-Old Cat Named World’s Oldest, Corgis Vulnerable in U.K.

At nearly 27 years old, Tiffany Two is named the World’s Oldest Cat, Corgis are listed as vulnerable in the U.K., veterinarians try to save a heroic Boxer and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Keepers Bottle Feed Rare Baby Giraffe, Dog Rescued From Freezing Lake

Keepers at the U.K.’s Paignton Zoo are hand raising a Rothschild’s giraffe calf, a dog is rescued from thin ice in northern Virginia, a penguin photobombs a Coast Guard picture and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Dog Saved From Los Angeles River Adopted, Uber Delivers Kittens in Australia

The dog who was lifted by helicopter from the Los Angeles River gets adopted, police officers in Fort Worth Texas save a stray dog from the highway, Uber delivers kittens on demand to several Australian cities and more animal news.


Pet Scoop: Dog Who Was Left With Suitcase Gets Adopted, Manatees Crowd Out Swimmers

Kai, the Shar Pei who was left with his suitcase in Scotland, gets adopted, 300 manatees crowd out swimmers at Florida’s Three Sisters Springs, a rare Eastern black rhino is born at the Chester Zoo and more animal news.


Budweiser Clydesdale Born on Super Bowl Sunday

A baby Clydesdale arrived at Budweiser’s Warm Springs Ranch, in Boonville, Missouri, on Super Bowl Sunday and was named Arizona.


Pet Scoop: Coast Guard Saves Lab From Icy Lake, Baby Clydesdale Named Arizona

The Coast Guard saves a Lab from an icy lake in Michigan, a Budweiser Clydesdale born on Super Bowl Sunday is named Arizona, a live web cam shows a litter of therapy puppies in training and more animal news.

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